While you were sleeping,
I was tumbling in a sleepless dream.

While you were sleeping,
I counted clouds and stars and moonlit trees.

They fell from above,
As did I and as you, must have one day fallen.

As a hunger-stricken man might caress,
The last of a dying breath,

As obscurity summons the moon upon lands and forests,
Deep freeze would not kill the lakes.

And rivers would merely be made to wait in vain,
For this love to die away.


Beirut. February 2010


April 18, 2014
Sri Lanka, Colombo
We went to a Buddhist library by mad tuk-tuk, and got some good old books. Diving into the Buddha’s teachings.

These are my last 4 hours in Colombo, such a heavy day.

This journey has shown me truths that I needed to see, taught me the lessons that I needed to learn, at this time, about myself, and about other selves too.

Ayubowan (may you live long)

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Ancient city vibe

April 13, 2014 Sri Lanka, Trincomalee Tomorrow’s the New year in Sri Lanka, the Buddhist New Year. We made it to Anuradhapura this morning, the ancient city, the city that holds the secrets of the beginning of Buddhism. We spent the day there, visited a few temples, historic sites from when the cult of the Buddha started. Some spots were beautifully powerful with energy, charged with presences & brightness. You could feel auras shining, expanded, and if focused one might even catch sweet visions.

Then we found our way to Trincomalee again…

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Trincomalee, I love you.

April 10, 2014
Sri Lanka, Trincomalee
The sun reveals all truths. The heat cleanses the body & soul. Warm clear waters revealing mesmerizing corals and magnificent underwater life, baby sharks, rainbow fish, beauteous gorgeous fish. Spent four heavenly days here, with sweet sweet people, who made me feel at home.  Will be returning to this place, part of my heart is here.

Trincomalee, I love you. See you again some fine day.

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Mango & squirrels

April 9, 2014
Sri Lanka, Dambulla
Staying at a 4 star hotel –Thilanka resort & Spa. Beautiful place with mango trees & giant squirrels. Got a foot massage, the pain (from hiking Adam’s Peak) is almost gone, sweet feeling sitting in the outdoor lobby, sipping my Lion Lager (local beer), wind is chilly, smells of tropical & exotic peace & sweetness.


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Mother Nature

April 8, 2014

Sri Lanka, Nanu-Oya to Kandy, scenic route by train.
Divine, breathtaking nature, feels like the trees are whispering ageless secrets to one another, blessing us with their timeless presence. The modesty and veneration it brings out of me are beyond description. The silence and respect it imposes are beyond words.
I can’t help wonder how we got so far out in harming our nature. Here in Sri Lanka, they save their trees, regardless of whether or not they have enough sophisticated houses or properties. When they need to make a road, or a residence, they un-root the trees to reposition and replant them; they don’t just sacrifice them to concrete.  A harmonious coexistence between Nature & Man. Here, Man is more a son of Nature, and Nature takes care of her children by providing abundance of food, water, and animal life. Everything here is Nature oriented. The houses, the cars, the services, facilities, essentials. Nature and animals first, Man comes in parallel, if not the latter.


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Anu, the monk

April 7, 2014

Sri Lanka, Leaving Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada)
Sri Lanka’s beauty is beyond words. It makes me want to dissolve into nature.
On my hike down from Adam’s Peak, a monk stopped me, his name was Anu, and he was wrapped around in burgundy robes. He touched my forehead and I started weeping. He murmured a prayer, a blessing, while maintaining his palm against my sweaty forehead. He hugged me, then he wiped the tears with the sleeve of his burgundy robe. All is well in this world, after all.

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