About Mia



Idaho – August 2014

I am Mia, Desert Flower from Caravan Dreams. Among a handful of passions you’ll find that I am passionate of writing, and expressing my thoughts and feelings in the primal beautiful way of writing letters and poetry. Intelligently debating theories & philosophies, exchanging human experiences & knowledge. This is a page where I lay to immortalize some of the letters I wrote, poems, and drawings. I write in Lebanese, French and English, give references and translations so all you beloveds be included.

I love intelligent writing, beings with tact and awareness, kindness, social intelligence, and radical self-love and fellow love, as well. I urge you to interact with me and each other keeping the above in mind and heart.

Greetings again my friend, and welcome to my caravan dreaming, in all the voyages, adventures, tribe-life and connections, contemplations and experiences, I wish us all to find home.


Mia ༄
Beirut, December 2014


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